Candle Making Guide – Learn The Art Of Making Scented Candles

As we all know fragrance is all about sensations and imagery. It evokes vision, feelings and thoughts. It has the power to change the mood of a person and make him relax. In today’s world of busy frantic schedules, each one of us needs some moment of serenity and rejuvenation. It can be possible by just changing the surroundings by different means and one such option is by lighting the scented candles.

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Highly scented wax melts and spreads aromatic fragrance in the surrounding. Thus, create a suitable stress-free environment to relax. There are various techniques of making these scented candles by using a few simple items that are readily available at the craft store or online.

Varieties of Scented Candle

Scented wax candles are of two types. They are similar in appearance, but have slightly different processes of making.

  • One of them is formed by using jar and hence referred as jar candles.
  • Second one is formed using various candle It can be of various shapes, which can be placed in a variety of candle holders.

Equipment Used in Candle Making

For making either type of candle few ingredients are required like

  • Wax that doesn’t have its own scent is used for making candles so that you can use aroma of your choice.
  • Specially formulated scented oil
  • Wick tabs
  • Wick

Process of Making Candles

To make candles first take the amount of wax depending on the size of jar or moulds.

  • Heat the wax upto 180 degrees Fahrenheit and then add scented oil and colour.
  • Next pour the heated wax into the mould or container.
  • When it starts solidifying around the edges, drop the wick tab and wick into the centre.
  • With the help of chopstick or pencil push wick and the wick tab to the bottom. Secure the tip, so that it remains in the centre.
  • Keep the wick cantered and allow it to cool completely.
  • If the mould is used then remove the mould and trim the wick. In case, a jar is used, you can place a lid to keep it dust free.

Making of scented candles is very simple and inexpensive. Due to the availability of candle making supplies, it is possible to make candles at home. Highly scented wax melts and keeps your atmosphere pacifying. You can make a scented candle of various sizes, scents, and colours, which suit your surroundings and make it attractive with lovely ambience.

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