Essential Things You Must Know About Building And Maintaining Your Deck


Deck is a raised structure, which forms a part of the garden landscape. It makes the garden spacious for organizing social events. It is also used to counter uneven gradients in the garden, thereby increasing accessibility to different areas of the garden.

Decking materials

Various kinds of materials may be used for creating a deck. London has a number of gardens with decks and many decking services in London use hardwood for creating them. Hardwood boards are built from trees consisting natural oils. This feature makes them suitable for outdoors. Hardwood decks look natural and are durable. However, if not maintained properly, they may take a dark grey colour. Hardwood boards are usually more expensive than other kinds of boards.

A lot of decking services in London use softwood boards as an affordable option. However, these boards may wear and tear after a few years.

Composite boards made from plastic, sawdust and wood fibre are gaining popularity. They require little maintenance and are quite affordable. However, a major drawback is that they may look unnatural against the natural setting of a garden.

Tips for decking maintenance

  • Clean the deck regularly with a brush or broom.
  • Avoid dragging heavy objects on the surface of the deck.
  • Remove stains from the deck using soda and warm water.
  • Apply decking oil few times in a year.

A well built and maintained deck can transform the look of your garden. It is essential to select the suitable materials for the deck and take steps for its maintenance.