A Guide To SAS Selection Process

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SAS or Special Air Services is an army force of British which deals in special operations and missions. Everyone loves to join army forces and serve their country to the fullest. But, unfortunately SAS selection is not open for general public; it selects and trains soldiers only from British Armed Forces. It takes months of very intense training and requires huge courage and stamina to achieve what is it takes to be a SAS soldier. The toughest, strongest, and courageous of the candidates make it to the last. Here is a guide that the author Azi Ahmed put for you to better understand the SAS selection process:

  • Basic Requirements: SAS doesn’t recruit civilians to join Special Forces. So, in order to join SAS, you must be a member of British armed forces whether it’s naval services, The British army, or The Royal Air Force. SAS also recruits from SAS Reserve Regiments who have served the reserves for at least 10 months. The age of the candidate who is applying for his candidature must be between 18 to 32 years old. The candidate must have 39 months of his service remaining as it is mandatory that he must serve his country for at least 3 years as a member of SAS team.
  • Selection Process: If you have finalised your decision of joining SAS team, you need to fill a form known as Army General Administrative Instructions (AGAI) to state that you are mentally and physically fit for every test and challenging training that may come ahead. After filling the form, comes the physique screening test well known as Battle Fitness Test (BFT). This test is done to check that you meet all the standards needed to join SAS forces. Capabilities of candidates are also checked by Compass and map test, swimming test, Combat fitness test, and first aid test. Candidates also need to prove themselves in many difficult phases such as fitness and navigation phase, initial continuation phase, jungle training phase, Escape and invasion phase and tactical questioning phase.
  • Training process: After selection starts your intense training in which you will be tested on many different platforms. In your training period, you can be ordered to run or hike for hours in tough situations. Candidates are also asked to climb inclined plane or hills carrying extra load to challenge their physical capabilities and stamina. They also provide you with concentration improving exercises which plays a major role in shooting at a target with your gun.