Different Themes For The Game, Escape The Room

If you are looking for some adventurous activities to conduct in Long Island with your family, friends or colleagues, then you can go for games like escape the room. It is a great opportunity to build trust and team work with your colleagues. If you are going to play it with your friends or family, you may get to witness their adventurous and intellectual side which was never revealed before. If you are thinking about the arrangements then there is no need to worry as there are organizers who will do all the arrangements for escape the room in Long Island.

Some interesting themes that you can opt for when playing the game

Head-hunter’s den – this theme has a storyline that you are going to your farmhouse along with your friends at night. You took a shortcut but your car broke down in the middle of a dark road with no phone network. You find a den some meters away by the side of the road. You go inside and the den closes. After knowing you all are in a head-hunter’s den, you need to escape from there within an hour by solving some puzzles.

escape room game

Mystery of manor – the storyline here is that there’s a manor situated outside the city. Along with your friends you plan to go and check it. You all go inside the mansion and see mysterious rooms and corridors and realize you shouldn’t be there. But the main door gets locked. Within the next hour, you get to know the mystery of the manor and its homeowner and get out of the house

Pirate’s curse – in this theme you are on your boat along with your family when a mysterious storm hits the sea. A ship comes into sight out of nowhere and you get on it. You realize it’s a Pirate’s ship and you just have an hour to escape before the pirate and his friends wake from the cursed sleep.