Some Facts Related To JFK Assassination

John F. Kennedy was one of the most famous and dynamic presidents of America. He was known for his great heroism during the Second World War, fighting recession in America, handling the Cuban missile crisis, and several other radical feats. However, he had an early assassination while serving his third year as the president of the United States, but that event marks one of the biggest conspiracies to date. Writers like Jim Dieugenio have covered several aspects of this event and the mysteries that still surround it in their books. It is helping people in getting clarity of facts.

Here are some facts that are related to this dark event.

Killer arrested for other reasons

The killer of JFK, named Lee Harvey Oswald, was a known sharpshooter of that time. He was fatally captured two days after he shot the president but was not arrested for killing John Kennedy as president. He was charged for shooting one of the police officers fatally. Assassinating presidents wasn’t a federal crime until 1965, two years after JFK’s death and a series of constant president assassinations of James Garfield, Abraham Lincoln, and William McKinley.

Television suspended

The news for the assassination aired just ten minutes after the bullet hit president JFK and after that, the entire television show broadcasts were suspended down for about four days. This was the longest Television suspension to be ever recorded in the History of media and broadcast and all the news channels covered the assassination for four days straight.