Know The Deceivers Of The Nation

There are several people in the country who are not happy with the working of the current federal government. There are many who have suffered in this democracy and there are many who are still suffering. Citizens are facing a number of problems and current leaders are completely ignoring them. Now is the time when the reformation has become a necessity. You can read the reform the kakistocracy for more information. The government is more concentrated on politicians rather than the common man. The book contains several ideas of how government can work better in favor of the least principled citizens. Describe how the transformation of the government occurred with time. He also explained the relationship between the citizens and the government currently and what is needed in that relationship,so that the government could work better.

How to bring the change?

The government needs some necessary changes in order to be better. But, the changes are not so easy especially in terms of politics. The government is full of complexities. Hence, any leader with good intentions finds to change it very hard. A change can only come with excellent leadership which can make parties to work in the favor of common and poor people together. Then too, good luck is also needed.

It is also hard to change the tendency of people to remain in the same situation. In order to meet the nation better than ever,an excellent leadership is important which can change the mindset of the people. The government nowadays is focused more on politics than the welfare of people which needs to be changed as soon as possible.